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Reporter's Notebook

An Open Letter From My Fitbit

Feb 25, 2016 ... ljohnston's blog Dear Mom, I remember the day we first met. It actually wasn't that long ago. December 2015 if I remember correctly? Read the full blog on The Huffington Post. I remember the day we first met... Fitbit Yes ...


VIDEO BLOG: Why GoPro's Drones and Virtual Realty Change Everything

Jun 5, 2015 ... jlaposky's blog Studies suggest that the augmented and virtual reality market could generate $150 billion by 2020. To help consumers great their own VR videos, GoPro unveiled the Six-Camera Spherical Array. This is a ball-shaped accessory that mounts ...


In Virtual Reality, Google Is The A’s And Facebook Is The Yankees

Jun 2, 2015 ... ljohnston's blog In professional sports, it is a truism that building a team via the minor leagues, the draft, and cheap, undervalued free agents is better than building a team by hiring superstars. The former method is inexpensive, sustainable, and ...


The Wearables Road Ahead

Mar 23, 2015 ... I had a meeting with a smartwatch maker last night who showed me one of the coolest wearables I’d seen in a while. It will launch in a few days and it looks gorgeous with amazing attention to detail and a deep understanding of what has been missing in the ...


Apple's Path from Expensive Wearables to Cars

Mar 13, 2015 ... ljohnston's blog The announcement of a gold-plated Apple Watch starting at $10,000—before you put a band on it—only signals the company's positioning and destiny into more exclusive and luxury goods. The Apple Watch Edition is the first step tow ...


Wearables and Self-Awareness

Mar 10, 2015 ... Busy with a lot of stuff today, but a brief personal note inspired by the Apple Watch. I probably won’t ever want to buy one — but I am a wearable tracker guy these days, and am skeptical about the skepticism. Read more at The New York Times. ljohnston� ...


I've Been Wearing A Smartwatch For 2 Months And I'm Absolutely Obsessed With It

Dec 16, 2014 ... Six months ago, I didn't think much of the smartwatch. Every time someone asked me how I thought 'wearables' would do in the greater technology marketplace I would scoff. Of course they won't succeed! Who wants to be plugged in 24 hour ...