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Action Cams

GoPro Hero5 Review: A More Perfect Action Camera

Oct 14, 2016 ... We use a lot of GoPros here at Gizmodo. We use them to shoot timelapse battery tests for phones and 360 degree videos of multibillion dollar transit hubs and test runs of quarter million dollar cars on a dirt track. So a new GoPro action camera with a low ...


Great White Shark Attack Captured On Underwater GoPro

Sep 14, 2016 ... Refugio State Beach near Santa Barbara, California, offers palm-tree-studded Pacific Ocean beach views and recreational fishing opportunities. Tyler McQuillen, a spearfisher, headed into the water there and lived through a scary, real-life version of &quo ...


How To Get More Out Of Your GoPro

Sep 14, 2016 ... The GoPro is your favorite action camera, and it's easy to understand why. It's versatile, powerful, and sturdy. However, you'll probably get over the novelty of taking it on a bike ride or an underwater snorkeling session fairly quickly. D ...


GoPro Will Unveil The Karma Drone On September 19th

Sep 2, 2016 ... GoPro is going to show off its Karma drone for the first time on September 19th, according to a short teaser video posted to the company's Twitter account. The company has been very tight-lipped about Karma, having only released a few short sample cl ...


This Could Be What The GoPro Hero 5 Looks Like

Aug 19, 2016 ... GoPro's Hero 5 action camera may have leaked thanks (as always) to the internet. Read More at Yahoo News ...


Video Of Man Killing Bear With GoPro-Equipped Spear Sparks Outrage

Aug 16, 2016 ... Killing a bear with a hand-thrown spear isn't an everyday feat-but the government of Alberta, Canada, is not impressed by the prowess of American hunter Josh Bowmar. Read More at Fox 6 Now ...


Squirrel Steals GoPro, Shoots 'Up The Tree' Documentary

Aug 9, 2016 ... This is almost Oscar-ready. A cheeky squirrel grabbed a GoPro camera to produce quite a "squirrelish" documentary film. Squirrels in Montreal, Canada, are not tech-shy, as was proven by a recently uploaded YouTube video. Read More at RT ...


A Day At The DNC Convention, Courtesy Of A GoPro Strapped To A Delegate's Head

Jul 29, 2016 ... From up on Kounovsky's head, we see delegates indulging in breakfast sausages before boarding a bus to the convention center — which, with all of the screaming, sign-waving, and button-wearing, looks more like a Justin Bieber concert than a political ...


This Waterproof Action Cam Is Just As Good As GoPro, But It's Only $48

Jul 26, 2016 ... The GoPro HERO4 is a fantastic action camera… if you’re willing to cough up $360. Not everyone has that kind of cash to toss around, but action cameras are awesome and they let you capture killer footage that you could never get with a smartphone. Well gu ...


New GoPro Camera Teased

Jul 19, 2016 ... GoPro posted a new video of some MotoGP racing bikes to its YouTube channel late last week that shows off something curious: a compact, two-lens camera capable of shooting 360-degree video. This is something that CEO Nick Woodman first promised back at CE ...