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Are Smart Clothes The Future Of Wearables?

Jul 13, 2016 ... The current market for wearables is all focused on the wrist. Fitbit has the most sales in the wearable industry with its slew of fitness trackers, and the Apple Watch is surging up the sales leaderboards. But is this the future of the wearable industry? ...


Smart Clothes Are The Future of Wearables

Jul 5, 2016 ... While many users of wearables and smart clothes are focused on trimming their waistlines, wearable technology has focused largely on another part of the body: the wrist. But apparently, no one has stopped to think about whether or not the wrist even the b ...


Broadcast Wearables Launches Programmable T-shirt

May 31, 2016 ... India-based Broadcast Wearables has recently launched a touch-enabled programmable t-shirt. Broadcast t-shirt has about a thousand LEDs that let users change the slogan or the design and looks like a normal t-shirt. The LEDs are waterproof and have been s ...


Want A Programmable LED T-Shirt?

May 17, 2016 ... The boring old t-shirt is getting less boring by the day. They can already play music, detect Wi-Fi signals and, if Google ever brings Project Jacquard off the drawing board, even be used as a touchscreen. Now, Broadcast Wearables has a digital t-shirt th ...


Sansible Shirt Is Wearable For Rugby Players

Apr 19, 2016 ... Sansible Wearables, a new wearable technology for rugby players called LiveSkin, was started by two friends who met at Edinburgh University. Jack Ng and Charlie Patterson, hope that their unique technology will help to get more young kids playing the spor ...


Intelligent Leggings Measure Muscle Fatigue in Runners

Mar 1, 2016 ... Wearable devices are changing the way people think about their lives and lifestyles. Smart watches are changing how we interact with each other, activity trackers are changing how we exercise, and wearable cameras are changing the nature of memory. So wha ...


Stretchy Circuits Will Make For Better Wearables And Robots

Feb 29, 2016 ... Smart clothing and robots alike might soon get better thanks to a breakthrough from a team of Swiss researchers. They created relatively thin electronic circuits that can be stretched like rubber up to four times their original length in any direction. Re ...


With the Teslasuit You’ll Be Able to Feel Virtual Reality

Jan 22, 2016 ... “Technically speaking, the Teslasuit is a series of sensors that allows the user to feel the sensation of movements in the virtual reality space. Different wearable accessories, called modules, are available separately. The modules include the T-Belt, the ...


Why Smart Clothes, Not Watches, Are The Future Of Wearables

Jan 13, 2016 ... Why are we so fixated on watches and bands? The wearable tech market is full of fitness-obsessed products for workout-loving people with thick wrists and deep pockets. No one in the industry wants to admit it, but the wrist is probably not the best place ...


VIDEO: How Clothing Will Become Part of our Virtual Reality

Dec 11, 2015 ... Amber Jae Slooten gives us a small peak into the exciting future of clothing and clothing design. "As a young fashion designer I create clothing from another perspective. Using 3D virtual design software I am currently designing my graduation collect ...