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Mental Health Technology

Can Wearables Help Prevent Addicts From Relapsing?

Dec 9, 2016 ... A recent project- MD2K- won $10.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to focus on developing hardware, including wearables, and software that gathers and analyzes health information generated by wearable sensors. The main purpose of MD2K is to ...


Smart Wearables That Can Help Overcome Addiction

Nov 11, 2016 ... Addiction is tough to deal with, and many people need help to recover. The good news is that the wearable tech industry is developing solutions for those who require a helping hand. There are options out there for a wide range of addictions, so if you nee ...


Research Suggests Sleep Wearables Could Reduce PTSD Risk

Aug 30, 2016 ... Wearables that are able to relax the brain could reduce PTSD, according to new research provided by Brain State Technologies and Wake Forest School of Medicine. The research suggests that people suffering from insomnia, a sleep disorder that 10 to 30 perc ...


Why It's Hard For Wearables To Track Your Stress

Jul 8, 2016 ... Spire's stress-tracking device, which sells for $129.95 and has been available until now through online stores, clips to your belt or bra to detect your chest's motion as you inhale and exhale. The data feeds into an app that illustrates your br ...


Can A Wearable Bring Emotional And Physical Well-Being?

Jun 30, 2016 ... Wearables have yet to convince the world of their transformative power. Super smartwatches and fitness trackers may have become a part of our daily lives, but they still struggle to create lasting meaning for the user. However, as a period of senseless in ...


Emotion-Sensing Wearables Are On The Rise

Jun 3, 2016 ... Wearables that sense our emotions have hit the headlines this week, with two new wristbands that claim to use sensors to detect how we're feeling. This lofty aim isn't achieved through voodoo tech but instead galvanic skin response sensors, whic ...


Relax, Dude: Mindset Aims At Controlling Stress With Wearables

May 20, 2016 ... Wearables have the ability to improve health and give us insights into our mental state- all we need are the apps that can analyze and quantify the data. Missouri startup Mindset, created by engineering students at Washington University of St. Louis, has ...


Google May Soon Know If You're Depressed

Oct 30, 2015 ... Former director of National Institute of Mental Health has joined Google Dr Thomas Insel said details of his new job are 'still under wraps' But he did discuss the idea of sensors that can track moods and language They could reveal signs of anxi ...


5 Wearables For Meditation & Mindfulness

Oct 13, 2015 ... With projections on wearable tech becoming a $75 billion dollar industry by 2025, the largest sector ripe for cashing in on the wearable craze is healthcare. From fitness to medicine to wellness, the capacities for tracking metrics and translating them in ...


To See Benefits, Heath Wearables Must Keep People Engaged

Jul 28, 2015 ... Wearable devices could be key to improving health, caring for patients with chronic diseases and understanding the impact of treatments. But there’s one snag: how do you get people to wear them? For all the hype around smartwatches and fitness bands, not ...