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Gene Munster's Last Apple Note Predicts AR Wearables Will Replace The iPhone

Dec 16, 2016 ... After years of being one of the most widely read and quoted Apple analysts on Wall Street, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster on Friday released his final research note on the company.   Read More at Re/Code ...


Moment CEO On Reimagining Wearables

Sep 14, 2016 ... It's become a staple for many companies to figure out ways to incorporate smartwatches and fitness trackers with vibrant screens that make reading notifications and seeing data easily. But is it the most efficient way to use a wearable? Read More at ...


GoPro Says Profitability Is Right Around the Corner

Aug 2, 2016 ... It's been a rough year for GoPro, but the action-camera company promises that its losing streak will turn around during the upcoming holiday season. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman declared Wednesday on a call with analysts that GoPro is about to have the &qu ...


Why Pebble Is Looking To Life After The Smart Watch

Jul 29, 2016 ... Eric Migicovsky talks about the company's upcoming evolution ...


OnePlus Ain't Interested In Virtual Reality Or Wearables

Jun 30, 2016 ... OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has no plans to invest heavily into smartwatches or virtual reality in the near future. Co-founder Carl Pei made it clear that while it has worked on devices for both markets in the past, it does not want to b ...


Jawbone's Rahman: We're Not Going Anywhere

Jun 3, 2016 ... It might be the age of the Apple Watch, but that doesn't mean Jawbone, maker of both rugged speakers and fitness-tracking bands, is going to leave the wearables market. Despite reports claiming that this could be the case, the company has now confirm ...


Former Apple CEO John Sculley Says Apple Watch Features Lacking

May 13, 2016 ... In the interview, Sculley admitted that he was more than content with the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook as devices he uses in his everyday life. He was, however, less than receptive toward the Apple Watch, saying that the device may be “beautiful,” but that i ...


Was Steve Jobs' Death The Real Reason Apple Made the Apple Watch?

May 10, 2016 ... The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs developed pancreatic cancer in 2004. He then spent a great deal of time with doctors and the healthcare system until his death in 2011. While that personal health journey had a great impact on Jobs personally, it turns out th ...


Flex Boss Is Betting On Wearables

Apr 19, 2016 ... One of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, Flex, is betting on wearables technology to create new opportunities for growth, its chief executive officer told CNBC. Flex, which was previously known as Flextronics, provides the technology tha ...


Fitbit's CEO Took a Big Pay Cut Last Year

Apr 15, 2016 ... Shares of fitness tracker specialist Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) have had a poor year, with the stock down over 40% year to date. The freshly public company is under pressure to maintain its dominant position in the wearables market, defending its turf from new ent ...