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State Of Wearables: Where Is It Heading?

Dec 23, 2016 ... In many ways, this year has been the Year of Google. First, Google challenged Apple's lead in the premium smartphone market by axing the popular Nexus line and replacing it with the critically-acclaimed, high-priced Pixel and Pixel XL. Read More at A ...


11 Wearables Stats that Will Blow You Away

Nov 25, 2016 ... Wearable devices are often considered the next major extension of mobile computing. However, many investors might not know much about this market beyond the  Apple  Watch or  Fitbit 's fitness trackers. Therefore, let's dig deeper into this grow ...


Apple Still Leads In Smart-Watch Sales

Sep 27, 2016 ... As of July 2016, 15.2% of US consumers owned either a smartwatch or fitness band compared to 8.1% for the four major markets in Europe- the UK, Germany, France and Italy, according to the latest release of wearable device data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTe ...


IDC Sees Apple Watch Being No. 1 Smart Watch Until 2020

Sep 20, 2016 ... A year after the launch of the Apple Watch established a new benchmark for the worldwide smartwatch market, new smartwatch shipments are expected to see only modest growth for the rest of 2016 due to late-in-the-year and iterative product releases. Read M ...


Apple Watch Losing Ground to 'Basic Wearables' Like Fitbit Ahead Of New Models

Sep 6, 2016 ... New data from market research firm IDC shows a split in the wearables market, with "basic wearables" (Fitbit) gaining popularity, and "smart wearables" (Apple Watch) seeing stalled growth. Despite a portion of the market stalling out, ...


Why More Than 80% Of iPhone Owners Don't Want the Next Apple Watch

Sep 2, 2016 ... Apple's current iPhone owners just don't want the next version of the Apple Watch, according to a new study. Approximately 83% of current iPhone owners have no interest in buying the next Apple Watch, believed to be known as the Apple Watch 2, a ...


Users Are Bored with Wearables Due to Lack of Accuracy

Jul 21, 2016 ... Not long after they've begun to hit the market wearables are already ending up discarded in the drawers of user homes thanks to some design flaws like lack of accuracy that are leaving customers cold, according to a recent survey conducted by perform ...


Apple Watch Shipments Drop 55%, Drag Smart Watch Market

Jul 21, 2016 ... Smartwatch shipments declined for the first time in the second quarter — and they're sliding rapidly, especially for Apple, according to new data.   Read More at CNBC ...


Wearables Hype Fading, Future Devices to Take New Forms: Report

Jul 12, 2016 ... Today's wearables could look quite different by 2020 as some devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, morph into new devices. Wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, have been very popular in the last two years with consumers ...


37% Drop Wearables, Most Within Months

Jun 27, 2016 ... As the world of wearables continues to grow, a major concern from consumers buying and using the devices is sensor accuracy. Read More at MediaPost ...