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Where Are The Wearables You Wear Elsewhere?

Nov 18, 2016 ... Where did wearables go wrong? Futurists promised a "wearable computing" world in which you could buy gadgets that could perform a thousand functions and live anywhere on your body. Instead, the vast majority of wearables are biometric wristwatch ...


I Stuck 3 Kids Wearables On My 7-Year-Old

Nov 11, 2016 ... A number I don't recognise is ringing my phone. Unfortunately, I think I know who this is. I answer. "Hello?" "Hello, daddy. It's break time." "Didn't we say that you weren't going to use your watch at school?& ...


Can Safety Wearables Stop Crimes Against Women?

Sep 14, 2016 ... Personal safety wearables development and adoption is on the rise with a range of wearable safety devices on the market like Nimb, Revolar and Siren. Their common thread is that they aim to enable the user to get help in situations where their personal sa ...


Pokémon Go Plus Wearable Ready To Launch Next Week

Sep 9, 2016 ... Good news for all those Pokémon lovers out there. After months of delays, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company announced today that Pokémon GO Plus will be ready to launch on September 16th. Pokemon Go, the free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile ...


5 Best Wearable Sleep Trackers

Sep 9, 2016 ... We've grown used to donning a fitness tracker to monitor our activity during the day, so why not wear one at night to measure how well we're sleeping? The idea isn't too farfetched in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Read More at Heavy.com ...


Intel's Wearables Strategy Stumbles; Will Qualcomm Now Win The Gold?

Aug 16, 2016 ... Recently Intel's Basis Peak smart watch was recalled due to a problem with some of the watches overheating. Intel is not offering replacement watches. Instead, the company is offering a refund to people who purchased the watch and plans to shut down ...


Staryu Kidding? The Pokemon Go Plus Wearable Has Been Delayed

Jul 27, 2016 ... Pokémon Go is eating into the phone battery of an estimated 75 million players around the world, while the one solution to play without eating up your charge has been delayed. Read More at TechRadar ...


Jiobit Aims To Make Wearables Practically Invisible

Jul 26, 2016 ... If there's one big problem that plagues all smartwatches and most fitness trackers, it's battery life. Device designers are faced with two choices: compromise battery life for features, or compromise features for battery life. Watches packed to ...


Fossil's Misfit Expands Wearables Offering

Jul 26, 2016 ... Just as the typewriter evolved into a computer, bracelets and necklaces are morphing into connected accessories. At least, that's the thinking behind Misfit's Ray, a design-minded wearable that performs a range of functions and today is expandin ...


SkinTrack Turns Your Entire Forearm Into A Smart-Watch Touchpad

May 5, 2016 ... Smart watches can be cool little gadgets, but they have a lot of limitations, with the functionality of such a tiny touchscreen being a notable complaint. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a clever way to extend the smart-watch i ...